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NO ONE is a high-octane thriller about love, friendship and betrayal, inspired by the themes of H.G Wells’ The Invisible Man. With a live DJ and action-packed fight scenes, this slick modern story reflects the hectic, ultra-visible and technology-centric life we lead today. 

Since it's inception in November 2021 at SALT Art & Music in Oslo, NO ONE has received much praise from critics at the Edinburgh Fringe and in it's two week run at the Omnibus Theatre in London. At the Oslo Fringe 2022, NO ONE won Best Show, Best Actor & Most Impressive Stunt.


After a wonderful year which included performing at both the Edinburgh & Oslo Fringe Festivals, Showbox Festival, Kloden Teater, Omnibus Theatre and SoHo Theatre, NO ONE returns to SALT once more to perform at the Oslo Fringe 2023.


If you're interested in booking NO ONE please refer to our tour pack for more details.

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