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Multi Award Winning Physical Theatre Company

We are a Lecoq-trained international physical theatre company, based in France, Norway and the U.K. creating high octane, action thrillers.


No One 

No One is a high-octane thriller about love, friendship and betrayal, inspired by the themes of H.G Wells’ The Invisible Man. With a live DJ and action-packed fight scenes, this slick modern story reflects the hectic, ultra-visible and technology-centric life we lead today. 

Jukebox lean.jpg


adjective or adverb

akim·​bo ə-ˈkim-(ˌ)bō 

1: having the hand on the hip and the elbow turned outward

2: set in a bent position

"Ah! Now--" The Invisible Man stood up, and sticking his arms akimbo,began to pace the study. 

-H. G. Wells, The Invisible Man

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